Highcliff Rd Slip Site Update

Highcliff Rd Slip Site Update

Highcliff Rd – slip site


Residents, the Community Board,  and Dunedin City Council  agree that the sooner the closed section of Highcliff Road is repaired, the better. However, the repair is  not going to be a  quick fix. To ensure a permanent repair that will keep everyone safe, it is going to take time. DCC staff are working through the required process as quickly as possible but the timeframe for beginning the work has not changed and the repair is expected to start after Christmas.



  • Staff now have a design which has been peer reviewed and they also have costings.
  • Approval is being sought for the required funding and once the funding is approved, it is expected tenders will be called for by late November.
  • The Community Board and DCC staff have worked together to negotiate access through the slip site for local people. Local residents have been given keys on the basis of their opening and closing the gates each time and not letting anyone else through. This is absolutely imperative for everyone’s safety.
  • Emergency Services have all been informed and have access to this section of road as required in an emergency.
  • Signage has been improved to ensure all road users, including visitors, are clear that there is a  closed section of Highcliff Rd.
  • Work  is being done on GPS issues and communicating with visitors, via local tour operators, accommodation providers and through the i-SITE and social media.


What to do if  you witness/notice vandalism to the gates:

  1. Call 111 immediately – do not approach the culprits, get a car registration number if possible.
  2. Call DCC on 03 4774000 (this number works after-hours). Please  identify it as “the  locked gates at  the closed section of Highcliff Road” and which gate – this will be sent to contractors to carry out repairs as soon as possible.
  3. Advise Community Board member Christine Neill (phone 03 478 0878) who will continue to work with local people on this matter.


Thank you for your continued patience through this very challenging situation.


Christine Garey


Otago Peninsula Community Board

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