Peninsula Board Roadway Notice (Turnbulls Bay)

Peninsula Board Roadway Notice (Turnbulls Bay)

Otago Peninsula Community Board – Broad Bay

Happy New Year! 2014 has certainly started at a fast pace and the Board has been hard at work already.

Two significant matters of interest to the Broad Bay community:

1. Slip Repair at Turnbulls Bay

As you know we had a serious slip at Turnbulls Bay last year but one that has provided us with an opportunity we would not have otherwise had – to widen that section of the road.  Thank you for your patience while staff secured the funding and engineering advice for this major construction.  The slip continues to be closely monitored by engineers in the interim.  As you will appreciate much of this project is dictated by rules eg heights of rails etc but we seek your feedback on the colour of facing rock.   In the mock-up it is light brown to tone in with the local rock but what is there now is dark grey; light grey is also possible.

Some information about the project:

Objective – the reinstatement of the existing road plus the provision of a new 3m wide shared path (pedestrians/ cyclists but separated within that space as per the design for future road widening)

Length of the wall – 180m approx from the corner opposite Fletcher House to  the rocky outcrop toward Bacon St  but retaining  that rocky outcrop and as many of the trees as possible at that end .

Height of new wall – 2-4m

Wall facing – vertical face with a rough ‘rock like’ texture finish. Proposed colour light brown but feedback sought from the community

Planting – the nature of the planting is yet to be determined

Programme of Works 

Community feedback deadline: by 20 Feb

Detailed design – Feb/March/April

Contract tendered – April

Construction – July onwards, dependent on availability of the contractors. Construction will take approximately eight weeks and it is planned to have one lane open at all times during construction.

Deadline for feedback – 20 February to (or if you don’t have access to email please mail to DCC Transportation Operations PO Box 5045 Dunedin) re Turnbulls Bay Slip Repairs.

2. Portobello Rd Harington Pt Rd Safety Improvements Project

(aka “the Peninsula road widening project” or “Peninsula cycleway”)

Council has signalled that as part of its Annual Plan process this year it will be reviewing the sequence of the road widening which may mean that the Broad Bay /Portobello sections, due to be started in 2015, could be delayed  by as much as seven years!  The Peninsula community will have the opportunity to comment on this.  The Annual Plan consultation opens on mid March until mid April.  The Board will be advocating for the community but need you to submit on this issue to persuade the Council of the importance of completing this project quickly for the safety of our children in the Broad Bay/Portobello areas. There is likely to be a public meeting at Portobello on this issue and we would encourage you to attend.  A good turnout will help get our message across!

Our next meeting is 10am 6th March at the Portobello Gallery.  Grant applications are due in two weeks prior to that date.

(Click on each picture to view it in larger format…)

East Full Wall Brick Guardrail V1       Turnbulls Bay Image Turnbulls Bay PlanSchematic

Best wishes

Chris Garey


Otago Peninsula Community Board

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