STOP (Save The Otago Peninsula)

STOP (Save The Otago Peninsula)

STOP (Save The Otago Peninsula) Inc Soc is a local environmental group that offers opportunities for assistance with practical conservation work.

Regular working bees are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the Broad Bay area. One is a freshwater creek enhancement project and the other is in a DOC Scientific Reserve. Other working bees are held in the weekend once a month. For more details, contact Lala Frazer, phone 478 0339, or text mobile 022 437 0799, or email

Smiths Creek related news

Speights Environmental Trust have again made a grant that will enable fencing of the two adjacent wetlands to the already fenced revegetation area at the beginning of the track up to Harbour Cone (enter over the stile from the Bacon St Track).  One fence (already completed) also extends the riparian strip up the creek further, and the other will allow stabilisation of the big slip that occurred at the end of 2013. We have asked that the areas continue to be grazed until planting can take place in winter so the grass and gorse do not become unmanageable.

Bacon St bus stop mural

STOP is thrilled that Keep Dunedin Beautiful is going to also paint a mural on the Bacon St bus stop and that they have chosen to acknowledge the work being done to enhance Smiths Creek native fish life that moves between the freshwater and the saltwater of the estuary/harbour at Turnbulls Bay.  Keep an eye out for the stunning design planned.

Books and trees for sale

STOP is not only selling its own Otago Peninsula Birds Pocket Guide, (available also at Penguin Cafe, and Rik’s Galley at Portobello and Macandrew Bay Store ) but is also assisting a local student group GECO (Gecko Ecology and Conservation Otago) to sell copies of a stunningly illustrated children’s book on the Jewelled Gecko ($15) and is seeking sponsors for trees to be planted on the Harbour Cone Block ($10 a tree – gift certificates available). Look out for the STOP stall at forthcoming public events, or contact Lala directly.

Seaweek beach cleanup and local “Ocean Champion”

As usual, as part of Seaweek, STOP will hold a beach cleanup around the Pbo Peninsula.  Meet at Portobello Beach at 10am on Saturday March 7th. STOP is also supporting the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust nomination for  “Ocean Champion”  of local fisherman Ant Smith who has been active in ensuring marine birds do not get caught by fishing activities.  See all the nominees on the Seaweek website:

Lala Frazer
For Save The Otago Peninsula (STOP) Inc Soc
P O Box 23, Portobello, DUNEDIN 9048, New Zealand
Contact Phone: (03) 478 0339


**Click on the link below for info about the Otago Peninsula Birds Pocket Guide:

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