House Wanted in Broad Bay

House Wanted in Broad Bay

Kia ora.

Hullo. My name is Matt Langley. I’m a musician and songwriter based in Broad Bay.

I have rented cottages all around Broad Bay and Portobello over the years and now my partner Clare and I are looking to buy a house in the area. We are considering building as well.

We would appreciate it very much if you would let us know of any houses, cottages or sections that may be come up for sale in Broad Bay or Portobello now or in the near future. We don’t need a big place, just somewhere I can write and that Clare can garden and use her pottery wheel.

Clare is from Australia and has fallen in love with this place. I’ve been here since my Mum owned 741 Portobello road, Turnbulls bay. It has been a place of inspiration in my work (my last album was called ‘Virginia Avenue’) and the only place I consider home.


Thanks for your time,

Kind regards,

Matt Langley & Clare Fitzgerald.

0210 232 98 22

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