Wall Buttressing Work @ Turnbulls Bay

Wall Buttressing Work @ Turnbulls Bay

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Work is due to start soon on the final stage of the Turnbulls Bay Slip repair which involves the installation of rocks in two locations at the bottom for the wall. The reason for the rock is two-fold – to protect foundation areas from tidal movement and to protect the integrity of the wall structure in extreme events i.e. seismic movement.


The planned buttressing works were included in the original design but could not be carried out before now.


The first area (location 1) will be at the base of the slope at the eastern end of the wall. The buttress will be approximately 3m high, 6m wide and 25m long.


The second area (location 2) is at the western end of the wall. This buttress will be approximately 3.5m high, 5m wide and 30m long.



There will need to be a temporary access ramp and causeway installed north of Bacon Street to provide access to the base of the wall. These works are temporary and will be removed at the conclusion of the project.


There may be minor traffic delays from time to time but every effort will be made to keep these to a minimum and avoid busy periods of the day.


The works are expected to take six to eight weeks.


If you have any questions or concerns about the proposed works please get in touch with me at the Dunedin City Council on 477 4000 to discuss.


Kind Regards


Gareth Evans

Transport Projects Team Leader

Dunedin City Council


50 The Octagon, Dunedin; P O Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand

Telephone:  03 477 4000; Fax: 03 474 3789

Email: gareth.evans@dcc.govt.nz



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